Greener Car Travel

Public transport, cycling or walking to your commute is not possible for everyone, however there are still plenty of ways you turn your car travel green or reduce your car travel.

Did you know?

• Each week, the average Brit spends seven hours in their car;
• The average annual cost of car insurance is £436; and
• Drivers spend on average £89.67 per month on fuel.

The future is electric!

By 2030 all cars produced will have to be electric or hybrid. Have you considered switching your car to go green? There are so many benefits to making the switch including:

  • Cheaper running costs
  • Saving the planet
  • Free or heavily reduced road tax
Car Sharing

Car sharing can be a great way to reduce your cost of travel along with CO2 emissions, whether that be someone you may already know of through the LiftShare website – Sign up for free with Norfolk Liftshare to find someone to share your journey. For example, if you’re travelling to NNUH, there are already 22 other people offering lifts there from the Hellesdon area!

Energy Saving Trust

A useful website to understand more about EV is Energy Saving Trust: This is an independent organisation website that is working to address climate emergency. It has everything you need to know about an EV and active travel. It demonstrates the benefits, tips about charging your EV.

Useful Links and Cycling Resources

Norfolk Car Club

Norfolk Car Club allows you to hire cars by the hour, day or week. Book any car or van in the fleet online, by app, or by phone. Residents of White Rose Park and get free membership to the car club and £25 free driving credit! Please use the discount code: gofree when signing up! Find out more…

Zap Map

Find electric vehicle charging points anywhere in the country with the Zap Map interactive map tool. Zap Map also offers a handy mobile app too! Find out more…

Need a taxi?

If you need a taxi, why not select a company that does it differently? Green Frog are the only taxi company in Norwich which only use hybrid vehicles! This saves you money as a passenger and reduces the impact on the environment. To book, call 01603 744747.

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Greener Car Travel

Car travel is sometimes essential but we have some tips on how to make car journeys more economical.